2006 Cutler Bros.

Year 2 at the Gunport Theater


Year 2 kicked off with Neil Simon's hilarious straight show "Rumors!"  Kate Eccles directed her second play and the cast was comprised of the Cutler Bros.' start ups from 2004 and 2005 including Pat and Kelly, Jason Johns, Marne, Mahoney, and Mariann Cameron.

Kelly played "Lenny Ganz" and was outraged about recently being in a car wreck on the way to the party.  His wife was played by Kate Eccles (Claire).  Kate was a Salt Lake transplant who had landed a couple of summer jobs at Grant Kohrs Ranch.  She talked some coworkers and friends into building the beautiful set seen here. 

Mariann Cameron and Marc Mahoney played beautifully off of each other as the fighting couple Glen and Cassie Cooper.


"Rumors" was Marlene Olmstead's first play with the Cutler Brothers as well.  (back left) Marlene is the mother of 2005's Actress of the Year Tammy Perkins.  Her knickname in this play was "Cookie" and, well, it stuck!  Marlene has been known as "Cookie" every day since "Rumors" commenced.  Marlene also coined the phrase "Conny Award" for the Cutler Bros. Award's Banquet. 


Another one of Jeri-anne's favorite movies growing up that she introduced to her boys...it was just a matter of time before we produced this South Dakota classic!

Marc Mahoney

Mahoney yet again stole the show with 10 or less lines and playing ever bit character in the book! 

Patrick played the whimsical "Francis Friar" who later was forced to dress up like a woman because the Hotel owner failed to deliver a "New York Actress."  Every cowboy in the Dakotas thought that "Francis" was a woman, and they were looking forward to the show.

This handsome hunk is Brian Pfeifer.  Another one and done with Cutler Bros., however Brian did take a handful of roles in the earliest "Comedy Nights."  A good friend to the family who owns many of the Cutler "backyard football" rushing records to this day!  Also pictured is Theresa Cameron, the Cutler Bros.' costume designer throughout history! 

James P. Tilley

A young Jim Tilley (center) played Henry Miller, the hotel's manager.  Tilley would go on to take many , many roles in the future and helped out with almost every aspect of Cutler Bros. Theatre to date!  A beloved Family friend who has more nicknames than Slim Shady himself.  Nicknames such as Tilleymoose, Moose, Knuckles, and Moo, to name a few.  Also seen in this picture to the front right is Aaron Rachie, another Cutler boy's friend and the drummer for Matt and Kelly's band "Chronic Discharge."

Ramona Chrisman

Ramona, or Mona, first took to the stage in 2006's "Calamity Jane."  Mona would go on to win several Conny Award in the near future and take on a few leading roles! 

Brandi Fox

Brandi was a 1st year counselor and cheer coach at PCHS.  She also hosted Comedy Night 20 in a couple of years.

Mariann (to left) played "Katie Brown" and received a Best Supporting Actress Award for the role!

Scott Grazier jumped on the Cutler Bros. stage for the first time, seen middle with the handlebar mustache.  Scott was a unique individual who brought a new perspective and some eccentric characters to the stage.  He had the entire cast in stitches with his one line in the show, "We AIN'T SUCKERS.  He promised us a New York Actress, and LOOK WHAT WE GOT!!"  On one particular performance the entire cast had to turn away because we were all laughing.  Scott was a friend, a Cutler Bros. family member, and a good example to us all.  Unfortunately he passed away in 2021.

"The Big Fat Fibber"

Unfortunately we don't have a lot of pictures of "The Big Fat Fibber," Kelly's 6th original play in 6 years, but we have posted a link for your viewing pleasure below.  Original shows such as this play and "Comedy Nights" can all be found on Cutler Bros. youtube and Facebook pages.  "The Big Fat Fibber" is about a schizophrenic 30 year old that mistakes a New York business man for his father and practically ruins his life in the process.  Tina Saville, another Cutler Bros.' favorite, is seen in the purple.