2003 Cutler Bros.

The Start


Cutler Bros. Productions officially launched in 2003 when the Cutler Family finally explored the idea of producing our own shows.  The 1st official "Cutler Bros. Production" was "Comedy Night 1" produced at the Rialto Theater in Deer Lodge for a crowd of around 180 people.  It was a massive success!  Less than a month later we produced "Comedy Night 2" on the same stage for approximately half the crowd.  It bombed so bad we considered never doing Comedy again.

The Cutler boys

There are 4 Cutler brothers in all: Albert, Patrick, Kelly, & Matthew.  Albert moved to Milwaukee directly out of high school and has had the least role in Cutler Bros. Productions, although he supports us by going to a show every time he is home.  Patrick, Kelly, and Mathew are the co-founders of Cutler Bros. Productions along with mother Jeri-anne.  Patrick moved back from Alaska in 2020 and has taken on the role of technician/online marketing.  Matthew is the Director of Tech at the theatre and oversees lighting, sound, and SPFX.  Kelly is an onstage director as well as producer for Cutler Bros. plays.  All brothers, outside of Albert, also make frequent appearances on the stage to this day!

"The Dork"

Kelly has written 11 original plays to date.  His first was "The Dork" which he wrote in 2001 and produced on the Rialto Theater stage for about 200 people.  Kelly had wanted to produce a play he had seen at the Gunport Theater inside the Old Prison Museum titled "The Nerd," ironically featuring Stuart Jewell back in the day, but he couldn't find the rights and was coerced to write his own show via a family friend.  

"Three Dollar Bill"

Kelly went on to write his 2nd play "Three-Dollar Bill" in the spring of his Sophomore year of high school 2002.  About 350 people attended the show and Kelly knew he has lightening in a bottle.  

Kelly recruited many community members to take part in his plays including then Superintendent of Rural Schools Jules Waber and Pioneer Federal President Mike Richards.  A young Mariann Cameron is also seen in her first leading role in "The Dork" above.

Patrick played the Dork and also took a bit role in "3-Dollar-Bill" as sseen to the left.  

Kelly went on to write "$3-Dollar-Bill" Part II in the spring of 2003.

Swingtime Canteen

Mother Jeri-anne, who has Cutler Brother's blood through and through, was the first of the Cutler Family to try her hand at directing and producing a musical in "Swingtime Canteen."  The show only required 5 actresses, but all had to sing.  Mariann Cameron also played a role in this show.  The Cutler brothers were demoted to playing rowdy sailors in the crowd for this 2003 summertime show.

"3-Dollar Bill" Part II

Marc Mahoney (Daniel Cash) interrogates Karen Phillipps (Diane Dupuis) as Judge Bucklin (Scott Cook) looks on.   Circa spring 2003 

"3 Dollar Bill"

Mike Richards (right) plays the shady Arthur Wiley alongside a Cutler Bros' childhood friend. 

Christmas Comedy Night

Marc Mahoney, Mariann Cameron, Patrick Cutler, and Paul Nelson star in one of the Cutler Bros.' earliest "Christmas Comedy Nights"


"$3-Dollar-Bill$" was also produced on the Motherlode Stage in Butte, MT.  Seen here Matthew Cutler, Derek Duncan, Kelly Cutler, and Mike Richards.