Cutler Brother BIOS

VHS movies lead to MCT auditions which lead to community plays, high school drama department shows, short films lead to feature films (7 in total) which lead to the modern day "Cutler Brother's Productions."  We officially produced our first show under that title in 2003 "Comedy Night 1" at the Rialto Theatre.  Since that time we've produced 20 summer theatre seasons, countless straight shows and musicals, 12 October Creepshows, 50 Comedy Nights, and we've brought to town big time acts such as "Girl on Fire" and "Theo Von."  You could say this entertainment stuff has ALWAYS been in our blood. 


The Cutler brothers are 4 in total: Albert, Patrick, Kelly, and Matthew.  Butch is papa Cutler and Jeri-anne is the matron of the theatre.  We have all worked in conjunction our entire lives for one communal goal: share happiness and joy through our talents of comedy, music, and entertainment.

At a very early age in the late 1980's, Jeri-anne bought herself a VHS camera.  It quickly became the fascination of her sons as we began filming WWF wrestling matches in the backyard and quickly moved on to more plot-driven stories.  We only dropped the camera in the nearby Cottonwood Creek once or twice while filming our version of "Daylight."

Butch Cutler

Butchie boy is the father of the 4 Cutler brothers and never dreamed he'd own a LIVE theatre in Deer Lodge, MT.  Butch (Albert) was an all-star tight end for the Butte High Bulldogs in the 1960s winning 2 back to back state titles before going on to start at middle linebacker for the Western Bulldogs of Dillon.  Butch would then land a teaching job in Kellogg, ID where he met his wonderful wife Jeri-anne.  Two years later they were living in Deer Lodge and building a family.

Butch coached the Powell County Warden's football team for 35 years making the playoffs several times and turning countless young boys into men.  He was and is a leader of the community and his enthusiasm is ultimately contagious.  

Butchie serves as the theatre's concessionaire and janitor, but most importantly - the RA-RA guy to get the cast fired up.  Old Butchie's STILL GOT IT!  Never did he think in his aging years that he'd be running a theatre, but now that he's here...he loves it.  

"7 Brides" was the final show under the Deer Lodge Players as Cutler Bros. Productions was born and the very next year Jeri-anne directed our 1st official musical under our very own theatre company name in "Singing in the Rain."  Since that time Jeri-anne has directed numerous shows for this company including "The Diary of Anne Frank," "Fiddler on the Roof," "Calamity Jane," "The Goodbye Girl," and many more. 

Jeri-anne Cutler 

Jeri-anne is the matron of the theatre and mother of the 4 Cutler boys...some consider her a SAINT!  Jeri-anne has been involved with theatre, music, and dance her entire life.  When Butch saw her in "Take me Out to the Ball Game" at the Wallace, ID Opera House all those years ago, he fell head over heals.

Jeri-anne has directed countless children's musicals as the boys were growing up including "Kid's Praise" and other musical ventures for the IC Catholic Church in Deer Lodge.  In 2003 she went all out and directed "Swingtime Canteen" for the Deer Lodge Players and a year later she advertised auditions for "7-Brides for 7-Brothers."  2 Men and 5 women showed up to auditions, but Jeri-anne was adamant she wanted to produce the show...and luckily she was as she paved the pathway for the modern day "Cutler Brothers Productions!"   She recruited until she couldn't recruit anymore, and she finally landed a full cast! 

Patrick is a Tik Tok, INSTA, and Youtube sensation with his persona "Bad Napoleon," ; a foul-mouthed, washed up replica of Napoleon Dynamite.  He has 800k followers on Tik Tok alone and is recognized everywhere that he travels.  A tv show is being drafted for "Bad Napoleon" and a PILOT episode is to be released this June (2024).  

Patrick has also played countless roles on the Cutler Theatre stage from the time of its inception.  Favorite roles include Dr. Einstein in "Arsenic and Old Lace," the Dork in "The Dork" and "The Dork Meets Paul," Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol," and his all time favorite role of Willy Wonka in "Willy Wonka."

Patrick Cutler

Patrick is the 2nd oldest of the Cutler brothers and has been fascinated with film since birth.  You couldn't find a day past Pat's 5th birthday where he didn't have that VHS camera in his hands filming everything from birds to his older brother Albert...who fervently hated to be filmed.  Patrick would grow in his film and acting skills and eventually attended the University of Mary and MT Tech to study the field.  

In 2005 Patrick directed, edited, and acted in the Cutler Bros.' first feature length film "Going Nowhere."  The next year he did the same for "Mad Dad."  In 2011 he co-wrote, directed, edited, and acted in "The Cottonwood City Project" which was accepted into the LA Comedy Festival and received a runner-up award for Best Original Picture.  

Patrick's most recent projects include the horror, slasher film "Redgate" which can be found on Tubi and Paraflix, and the feature length "Bad Napoleon" to be released summer 2024.

Upon graduation from PCHS in 2004 Kelly wanted to follow in the great Chris Farley's footsteps so he accepted a scholarship from Marquette University in Milwaukee.  Kelly would then go on to the 2nd City Training Center in Chicago, IL, an improv mecca that has seen the likes of Steve Carell, Mike Myers, John Candy, and Tina Fey to name a few.  Kelly was accepted to the 2nd City Conservatory Program in June of 2010 after his second time auditioning.

Kelly has a Music Education degree from the University of Montana and has acted in theatrical productions all across the state.  He loves Deer Lodge and can't wait to see what the next 20 years of Cutler Brother's Productions is going to look like.   

Kelly Cutler

No, not the girl.  That's his wife!  Kelly is a director, actor, and producer for Cutler Brother's Productions in Deer Lodge.  He, like his brothers, was fascinated with film, theatre, acting, and special effects from a very young age.  The first play he auditioned for was MCT's "The Pied Piper," and he was cut.  He was cut a few months later from another MCT play because he was sick and didn't have a voice.  This would be enough to deter most people, but theatre must be in Kelly's blood because he trucked on, finally landing a role in "Cinderella" as Pumpkin #17, and he never looked back! 

Kelly has written and produced over 10 original plays since he was 15 with his favorite being a full-length musical titled "The Chopping Block."  He has also directed countless plays for Cutler Bros. Productions including "Jesus Christ Superstar," "The Music Man," "Young Frankenstein," "Oklahoma," "Of Thee I Sing," and many, many more.

Matt has an education degree from the University of Montana Western and is married to Cutler Bros.' actress Kia (Carlin) Cutler.  He's written countless songs, some of which found their way into "The Chopping Block," and he has big ambitions of one day (soon) producing a new "prison musical" as well as "Phantom of the Opera" and "Miss Saigon."  Matt is also the executive chef at the Cutler Bros.' restaurant "Prison Pizza," directly across the stree from the Cutler Bros. Theatre.  

Matthew Cutler

Matthew (or Matt) is the youngest of the Cutler brothers and has taken the reigns of the Cutler Bros.' tech department.  When not on stage you can find him twiddling his fingers all over the lighting boards in the lighting booth.  He is a master at illumination, sound, and special effects.

Matt has always been an artist at heart and was one of Pat and Kelly's favorite actors to put in their movies growing up, even if Matt wasn't willing!  He has always assisted in the Cutler Bros.' theatrical endeavors and lends a helping hand wherever necessary.  

Matt's onstage resume is just as extensive as the next guy and favorite roles throughout history include Billy Flynn in "Chicago," Judas in "Jesus Christ Superstar," Jack Campbell in "The Family Man," and Macky Haroldson in "The Chopping Block."