Cutler Bros. Season

"Life is a Box of Chocolates"

February 14th - 17th

8 pm

The kickoff to the Cutler Bros. "Comedy Night 50" Series featuring favorite Valentine's Day-themed sketches from the past!  A night of insane hilarity!  Some adult content, 18+ recommended 

"St. Patty's Comedy Night"

March 15th - 16th

8 pm

The 2nd rendition of the Cutler Bros.' "Comedy Night 50" Series featuring favorite St. Patrick's Day sketches from history's past!  A night of insane hilarity, some adult content, 18+ recommended 

"The Wizard of OZ"

May 3rd - 19th (Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2:00 pm

The CLASSIC munchkin -musical makes a second appearance on the Cutler Bros. stage, last produced in Deer Lodge in 2013.  Fun for the entire family, G-rated!

"Moon Over Buffalo"

June 14th - 30th (Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2:00 pm

June  21st - 23rd @ Covellite Theatre in Butte, MT (covellitepresents.org)

A Ken Ludwig-comedy romp!  Washed up actors George and Charlotte Hay try to compete with the new-age actors, but on the heals of a fight the nightly production may not even go up.  Heck, George doesn't even know what play they're doing and he's drunk as a skunk!  PG-13, a hilarious comedy

"Summer Comedy Night"

August 16th & 17th

8 pm

The 3rd rendition of the "Comedy Night 50" Series featuring our all-time favorite summer time sketches!  Some adult humor, 18+ recommended 

"Charlotte's Web"

July 26th - August 11th (Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2:00 pm

A wonderful fair-time musical with big song and dance numbers.  Wilbur, Charlotte, and Templeton bring a delightful story to life in this chilhood favorite!  G-rated 

Cutler Bros. 17th Annual Awards Banquet!

Sunday, August 25th at 

5:30 pm

Dinner - Cocktails - Awards - Fun!

Cutler Creepshow

October 2024 TBA

The scariest haunted house in Montana! 

"Frosty the Snowman"

December 6th - 22nd (Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2:00 pm

Join jolly old Frosty in his frolicking with the children as he attempts to stay frozen despite the evil advances of Professor Hinkle Tinkerton.  A fun musical comedy for the whole family!  G-rated 

"Christmas Comedy Night"

Monday, December 23rd @ 7:30 pm

Rialto Theater - Deer Lodge

The last of the Comedy Night 50 Series with our 

favorite Christmas-themed sketches of all time!

Some adult humor, 18+ recommended