2005 Cutler Bros.

Our First Full Season

"The Complete History of Deer Lodge" (abridged)

2005's season began with another Kelly Cutler original with the title above.  This three man show mimicked the format of "The Compleate Workes of William Shakespeare" (abridged) but was based around Deer Lodge history as well as current events.  The show starred Kelly, Patrick, and Mahoney. 

"Singin' in the Rain"

This season also featured the 1st OFFICIAL, OFFICIAL Cutler Bros.' musical  (the 1st one we actually produced on our own) in "Singin' in the Rain" starring local music teacher Brent Volf and Anaconda choreographer Amy Justice.  You think "7-Brides" was tough?  "Singin'" was on a whole new dance level! 

"Singin' in the Rain" had a cast of 20+ and to this day had some of the most complicated dance numbers in our history.  It ran June and July of 2005 at the Gunport Theater and was another bucket list musical for Jeri-anne Cutler.  It also had a live orchestra lead by the late great Joann Nelson! 

Kelly Cutler and Marc Mahoney ham is up during one of their "side" scene in "Singin' in the Rain."  More proof that there are NO small parts! 

"Cutler Bros. Awards Banquet" (Conny Awards)

2005 also marks the 1st ever "Cutler Bros. Award's Banquet," later fashioned "The Conny Awards."  The annual event is a nice dinner, drinks, and everyone from that season (or from season's past) dress in their finest formal wear and give speeches, much like the Academy Awards.  It has grown over the years to an extravagant event, even though in 2005 it was just another excuse to "party" and delay the end of summer. 

"Moon Over Buffalo"

This straight comedy by Ken Ludwig rounded out the 2005 season , besides "Comedy Night 6" starring Tom Christnacht, and it was the 1st show ever to win a Conny for "Show of the Year." "Moon Over Buffalo" was previously produced by the Deer Lodge Players in 1999 by director/producer Kyle Gillette and Kelly loved the show so much he pushed for it to be in our 2005 season.  Jason Johns (sitting on the couch) was the first and only Cutler Bros.' President at the time.  

Kate Schwab played the senile old grandmother "Ethel" and Marne Davenport played "Roz" in "Moon Over."

Kelly Cutler was the washed up "George Hay" and Tammy Perkins" reprised her role as Charlotte from 1999.

"Singin' in the Rain" cast

Joe Purcell and Josh Cain in "Singin"

Lee Silliman, a former Powell County High School science and math teacher, also played a bit role in "Singin' in the Rain."  (man on the left)

Cassandra Cooper

Matthew Cutler and Marc Mahoney take a break from rehearsals. 

The "Singin' in the Rain" ORCHESTRA

Featuring: Matthew Sewell (trumpet), David Phillipps (Clarinet), Jamie Malcolm (reeds), Joann Nelson (piano), April Kersch (flute), and Heidi Bush (saxophone) 

Heather Morrison & Lewis Cozby (left)  practice a dance number prior to a performance of "Singin' in the Rain."

Lizzie Hays was a standout dancer in "Singin.!"  Final attendance for "Singin" was 520, which was approximately 100 people less than "7-Brides for 7-Brothers." 

Broadway Rhythm!

That's the name of the dance number seen in this photo!  Marc Mahoney lead a team of dancers, jugglers, and acrobats in the Act II show stopping number!  In the back is a rear projection screen that the Old Prison Museum had bought for the theatre.  Although the screen was used on many occasions we can't think of a time that we actually rear-projected.  Jeri-anne had put up the money for new stage lighting and the Prison paid her back in installments.  

Kara Janes played the loud and annoying "Lina Lamont."  This marks Kara's only onstage production with Cutler Bros.  She won "Best Supporting Actress" that season for the role.  Also seen is Robert Cozby, Jason Johns, and Patrick Cutler.  

Beautiful Girl

Josh Cain woo'd his fellow actresses with the song "Beautiful Girl" in "Singin in the Rain."  Josh played one of the brothers in "7-Brides" the year before.  Also seen in his picture is Marne Davenport (to left) who would go on to play Calamity Jane in 2006, Kate Eccles (behind Marne) who directed Moon Over Buffalo and Rumors, and Amy Justice (in the blue) who was Choreographer of the Year in 2005.  I mean, did she really have any competition?!  

An Iconic picture of Patrick Cutler (Director, the part, not the actual director) and Kara Janes with Marc Mahoney and Kate Schwab in the background.  This was known as the hilarious "microphone" scene where the directors and producers attempted to cover up Lina's shrill voice with the beautiful voice of Kathy Sheldon (also played by Amy Justice).